Why Mercator BioLogic?

While researching problems unique to BioInformatics we determined that all of the current DNA sequencing methodologies apply shotgun assembly techniques using short-length read strings. This approach is practical given that current DNA sampling can only produce short-length read strings. But, as the technologies advance for reading long-length read strings the shotgun assembly techniques will be impractical. This led us to research the emerging technologies producing long-length DNA read strings. It became apparent that the need for alignment and assembly methodologies for long-length read strings already existed and was not being served.

Fast, capable, modular

Information as a Solution (IaaS):

Genetic Research relies on accurate sequencing and assembly of string fragments read by various methods from specimen samples. The current state of the technology does not allow for 100% chromosome assembly, nor for 100% accurate sequencing. The software products developed by Mercator BioLogic provide the most accurate and complete alignment of sequenced data possible. Additionally, our software product devel opment includes a full range of advanced analytics to support the emerging BioInformatics field. To make the software products functional at the level of performance necessary, Mercator BioLogic provides the supporting hardware and data storage platforms that perform at speeds that provide the response times needed by the scientific community. The actual hardware devices may vary depending on the customer’s needs and preferences since our applications are platform agnostic, but the minimum performance capabilities of the platform are maintained by our preconfigured form factor selections and our professional technical support. To support the processing demands of a very large data sets and the assembly of strings in excess of 240 million characters we have built our servers on proven, high speed hardware technologies. We use RedHat Linux RHEL7 for the operating system and the server is built using up to 2 terabytes of flash cache RAM for computer memory. In addition, we install up to 8 terabytes of flash storage for high speed processing area, and use high speed disk for mass storage. This configuration provides the best performance available for processing large amounts of data, while allowing for storage in excess of 4 exabytes of data. Because our software is developed in a modular form, we can offer individual component pricing in the IaaS product offering. The standard of a $1000 DNA assembled sequence is achievable. But beyond this price point, significant value is realized in the BioInformatic Analytics module. Pricing for this feature is dependent only the extent of custom analysis requested and the volume of processing. Pricing examples are listed on our menu. Subscription pricing is also available. Discounts can be arranged for high volumes and other considerations.

Self-Contained, On-Premise Server

Our core product is available as a Self-Contained Server model. This product allows larger customers to lease a fully configured server, and an End User License Agreement (EULA) to install and operate our complete software system in their own environment with their own technical staff. Our technical support is still available for regular upgrades and software updates. We can also monitor and maintain the equipment remotely if requested.

Our preferred server configuration leverages the processing power of Flash Memory technology for both Random Access Memory (RAM) and for mass storage of current and frequently accessed data. This configuration is scalable and can be sized to meet the needs of individual customers while delivering maximum performance capabilities. Importantly, our software is platform and operating system agnostic, so hardware can be selected to meet the customer’s standards as long as minimum performance capabilities are maintained. For this product line there will be menu selectable configurations of hardware and modular software selections so that each customer will receive a system that meets their processing and budget needs.

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