23 February 2020

Emerging Technology Breakthrough

We’re excited that Mercator BioLogic has found new contracts through their affiliation with various partners.  We have secured contract activity with five different end clients.  Three of these have started submitting data for processing through the Mercator BioLogic pipeline in the month of February, 2020.  Expectations are for the remaining two end clients to begin operations within the next two months, with one large client starting in March.  This provides a comfortable but rapid ramp up to operating levels that are both sustainable and achievable.

This development represents the emergence of our group as a force in the artificial intelligence analysis and research of genetic based healthcare.  Mercator is excited to be a part of this important development and the advances that are being brought about by the Navii Artificial Intelligence platform from Frelii, Inc.  We see enormous potential for this technology, and the proof is already available to healthcare providers and the general public through the Navii website portal. 

End clients currently processing data include Orn Total Health, Systemic Formulas and Frelii’s Navii artificial processes on behalf of the parent company.  The next client in line is GATC of Laguna Niguel, California.  All of these represent healthcare provider networks that are continuing to grow within their own market regions.  With two more provider networks already signed up and preparing to launch shortly the economic stability of both Mercator and Frelii looks to be assured.

Additional processing from True DNA Story, LLC includes clinical level health condition reports offered direct to consumers and Neonatal screening clinical health condition reports offered at significant discounts to medical providers for the thousands of newborns arriving in the country annually.  The neonatal screening program promises to be one of the most significant advances in the treatment of early childhood conditions in decades.  And Mercator BioLogic’s advanced DNA alignment technology is a driving force behind this development. 

29 January 2020

New Opportunities continue to open

Mercator BioLogic has established a new pipeline for processing a large volume of DNA samples from multiple end clients.  These clients include GATC Health, Systemic Formulations and True DNA Story. 

Mercator has already received and processed samples from True DNA Story and Systemic Formulations and are expecting increased volume over the coming months.  GATC is in the final phases of planning initial release with expected orders beginning in late February.

We are also advancing a large health and wellness project that will focus on dietary health.  The program will be expanded to whole health profiles in the near future.  Because this program is managed by physicians it will be developed as individual state franchises with Mercator participating directly in the management of the program in each state.  This program is being started in one state at a time and will be live in the near future.  The expected volume from this program is based on a proven model and should provide in excess of 10,000 samples per month for processing.  This program also includes True DNA Story clinical condition reporting and our Artificial Intelligence analysis to provide maximum detailed information for health and wellness decisions for the individual patient.

The benefits of our relationship with True DNA Story are already evident from the growth of contracts based on the combined capabilities of the companies.  By leveraging each others’ advanced technical capabilities and the combined resources of the companies we are able to achieve far greater accomplishments and fulfill the needs of a wider target market.  The synergies of these two companies are paying significant and immediate dividends.

31 December 2019

New Year, New Projects Starting

Together with our partner, True DNA Story Mercator BioLogic has begun processing genetic specimen samples for our external client.  

Our first client, Systemic Formulations is our contracted client, and Mercator is now contracted to process alignment and variant calling for each specimen sample submitted under this contract.  Systemic expects to start with a modest throughput of between 800 and 1,000 samples per month, then increase to over 1,500 per month within a few months.  Systemic Formulations represents a network of over 6,000 therapists and medical providers, and will be placing order on their behalf.  They started place orders prior to the holidays.

True DNA Story has also started production marketing of their Direct-to-Consumer clinical reports.  First orders have been placed and are currently in our processing pipeline.  TDS expects to deliver around 300 orders in January, then increase to well over 1,000 per month during the first half of 2020.

Contracts have been agreed with GATC, a medical provider network of over 60,000 practitioners.  Mercator will be processing all genetic samples for this client under our contract.  GATC expects to run over 100,000 samples in 2020, beginning in late January and increasing steadily as the benefits become well-known among their providers.

Altogether, current and projected contracts are expected to result in over 25,000 genetic samples being processed on a monthly basis by mid 2021 through the network of Mercator BioLogic, and True DNA Story.  Each sample will be submitted through the same pipeline, sequenced by a selected vendor, aligned and variant calling by Mercator, optional clinical condition reports by TDS, and AI analysis by our Joint Venture partners.

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