29 January 2020

New Opportunities continue to open

Mercator BioLogic has established a new pipeline for processing a large volume of DNA samples from multiple end clients.  These clients include GATC Health, Systemic Formulations and True DNA Story. 

Mercator has already received and processed samples from True DNA Story and Systemic Formulations and are expecting increased volume over the coming months.  GATC is in the final phases of planning initial release with expected orders beginning in late February.

We are also advancing a large health and wellness project that will focus on dietary health.  The program will be expanded to whole health profiles in the near future.  Because this program is managed by physicians it will be developed as individual state franchises with Mercator participating directly in the management of the program in each state.  This program is being started in one state at a time and will be live in the near future.  The expected volume from this program is based on a proven model and should provide in excess of 10,000 samples per month for processing.  This program also includes True DNA Story clinical condition reporting and our Artificial Intelligence analysis to provide maximum detailed information for health and wellness decisions for the individual patient.

The benefits of our relationship with True DNA Story are already evident from the growth of contracts based on the combined capabilities of the companies.  By leveraging each others’ advanced technical capabilities and the combined resources of the companies we are able to achieve far greater accomplishments and fulfill the needs of a wider target market.  The synergies of these two companies are paying significant and immediate dividends.

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