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The genome is data, and we are data experts. Our cutting-edge, patent-pending technology offers unmatched performance, completeness, and accuracy.

The industry average for a full genome alignment is measured in hours if not days. The standard error rate is 1-3%.

We can align, assemble, and provide full analytics on the entire human genome in less than one hour with all genes, enzymes, and proteins immediately available for reporting. We can align an Exome in less than 5 minutes.

We have better than 92% coverage and an error rate of less than 0.000001%. We can do that using a sample with limited oversampling (as little as 5X). We can process any DNA type with or without a reference genome. Other species' DNA may take less time because the genomes will be shorter..

Covering the basics: accurate and reliable

Our software for alignment and assembly is built with accuracy in mind. We don't just match and align strings together because they seem to match. Every step of our multi-stage process is accurate, measurable and provides reproducible results. Mercator can process a wide range of read strings from 50 base pairs to 1,000,000 base pairs.

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Supporting emerging sequencing technologies

We can handle DNA data strings of any length without breaking them into short strings and trying to put them back together. It’s like opening a puzzle in a box. Current industry wants to break everything into 50, 100 or 150 length pieces. We want the longest pieces we can get because it enhances performance and accuracy in processing DNA. We have the only software available that can handle all the DNA data current available, while being ready for any future enhancements.

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Mercator Analytics

No system is worthwhile unless you can retrieve useable information. We provide statistics, analytics, and comparisons expected by the market. Our process includes advanced analytic modules that provide the statistical comparisons of an assembled genome compared to selected reference genomes. We can identify any difference quickly, including InDels (insertions or deletions), mutations, SNPs, etc. This information leads directly to the scientific research required and provides the scientist with valuable information to lead the research project.

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Wide range of sequencing devices

The Mercator Solution is compatible with all modern devices like HiSec, MiSeq, NextSeq 500, and BGIGen as well as emerging technologies providing long reads.

Data Submission, Verification, and Protection

Our data compression allows you to transfer large volumes of data quickly, accurately, and safely. These capabilities also allow for rapid distribution of sequenced data sets and analytic results in encrypted forms. We even have a patent on verifying that the person requesting the information is who they say they are. This ensures that only the requestor may access the data. Protecting the privacy of clients, satisfying HIPAA, and preventing data corruption or loss keeps you legally protected.

For customers with high volume processing we will locate our servers in your facility, completely eliminating the need for data transfer. We maintain and manage the servers and data storage. The servers are configured to support your pipelines. All you need to do is submit sequenced specimens to the server and the pre-configured alignment and analytic software will do the rest. And the data is never transferred anywhere except to your in-house data storage, which we provide, manage and maintain to your specification.

Safety First: Industry Leading Security and HIPAA compliance

We are focused on offering tools to help you be more efficient, accurate, and secure. Some DNA isn’t critical or private, but human DNA definitely is. If someone steals your DNA, they have ‘YOU.’ You cannot reset the password on your DNA, which makes you wonder why more companies are not concerned about protecting DNA.

Mercator BioLogic has partnered with a market leader in Anonymous Key Encryption (AKE) technology and employs the most effective compression techniques to protect critical DNA data. The CIA and NSA use this cutting edge technology to protect critical information. It never stores nor transmits keys but is still AES-256 bit (NIST) certified.

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Our pricing is based on results!

DNA is complex enough. We like simple. Our pricing model is straight-forward and our results are guaranteed. Our customers get what they pay for and more!

We offer better alignments, more accurate assemblies, advanced analytics, and a detailed report of ALL discoveries from a specimen. All you have to do is ask for what you want.

Unlike other bioinformatic companies, we do not charge for computer time, hardware resources, storage space used, or personnel. You pay for the research offered at the stated price. You will not be billed until you have your results.

Next Generation Genetic Data Processing

Mercator BioLogic has developed the next generation technology that will fundamentally transform genetic research. Our cutting-edge technology will set a new standard for the biological sciences, and open entirely new areas of discovery.

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