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7 December 2019

Proteomics Is The Future

If DNA can’t tell if you’re getting a disease, what can?

The simple fact is that DNA analysis is limited.  It can determine if you have the genetic makeup to be susceptible to various conditions.  But it can’t tell for sure if you’ll get those conditions now, or in the future.  This is because of many factors.  

First, if both of your parents didn’t have the same mutations you have a 50-50 chance of the variant being expressed.  

Next, even if you had a 100% chance of a given variant expressing, most genetic changes require some sort of stimulant to set them off.  This could be something in the environment, or other mutations interacting with it.  

You have a bunch of genes that are there just to prevent problems like this.  Maybe one of them will block the bad gene.

So what can we do to decide just how much to worry?  This is the domain of Proteomics.  The analysis of the proteins that are resulting from the variations in your genes.  

The primary function of a gene is to create proteins that in turn cause your body to function in certain ways.  Reading your proteins tells us what your body is doing with the building blocks of life.  The amino acids that are used by genes to form proteins.  Unfortunately, proteins change over time.  But they tell us what your body is doing with the raw material it has to work with at any given point in time.

We read proteins from rNA sequencing.  rNA is the main component of DNA, but is somewhat simpler in form and gives a near direct reading of your proteins at the moment the sample was taken.  By reading your rNA several times over intervals science can determine the changes that are going on and the development of diseases in contemporary time, rather than waiting until you really get sick and it may be too late.

We’re working with our partners to produce this level of science for our customer base.  We will use Artificial Intelligence to determine the real risks of an individual’s DNA, then we’ll apply rNA Seq and protein analysis to determine what is currently going on.  This method will detect developing conditions and vulnerabilities long before symptoms develop in most cases and give patients and their medical providers important advance warnings so they can take proactive and preventive measures.

This breakthrough will save lives, save suffering, save money, and improve the lives of countless patients.  We’re truly excited to be bringing this advance to the clinical sciences in the very near future.

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