Alignment, Assembly and Analysis Of Genomic Information

Mercator BioLogic has developed the next generation technology that will fundamentally transform genetic research. Our cutting-edge technology will set a new standard for the biological sciences, and open entirely new areas of discovery.

Currently, the industry standard for processing human genomes is measured in days. The fastest time of alignment and assembly we could find was by the Edico Dragen FPGA device which claims to have completed alignment of a 30X human genome in 22 minutes. The Dragen device is reported to cost over $300,000.00 and is generally difficult to configure and operate. The problem is that current methods take far too much time and result in very high cost to operate. Long compute times cause massive overruns in costs due to required human involvement and dedicated super computer cycles. We have reduced that time and the resulting costs we align and generate FULL gene panels much faster and at greatly reduced prices. Our most recent executions of full genome, 30X oversampled specimen takes 26 minutes. Exams take under 4 minutes, and transcriptomes are even faster.

We accomplished the above benchmark using a standard four-node Oracle RAC cluster, with 56 physical CPU processors and 256GB of RAM per node. The cost of this cluster is significantly less than the enterprise server computers that others typically use. Our tests from 20-core to 80-core servers have shown that there is no benefit to the expensive computer configurations. Our standard system is as fast at anything we could scale up to. What’s more, our software is much more accurate and reliable than current methods. Out of more than 1 billion string matches (including repetitive area matches) we had no acids that did not match in either sample. That represents an absolute zero error rate attributable to data anomalies.

Our proprietary system is capable of performing alignment, assembly, and analysis of any organism. The sequencing data input can be in any read length and from any device capable of producing FASTA, FASTQ, or any other formatted strings. We have performed benchmarks using 100bp, 50bp and 150bp FASTQ formatted scaffolds, and have tested the processes with other lengths of input strings up to 2,000bp, and with variable length inputs.

Mercator BioLogic partners with Chrono Engineering

February 17, 2017

Mercator BioLogic has completed a strategic partnership contract with Chrono Engineering of Salt Lake City, Utah. The capabilities of Chrono gives Mercator greater expertise in developing revolutionary new software, hardware and data storage technologies. The proven abilities of Chrono Engineering creates a much stronger team with far greater technical capabilities.

Partnership Negotiations with Thunder Biotech

August 5, 2017

Today Mercator BioLogic completed negotiations for a Letter of Intent from Thunder Biotech of Alpine, Utah. The team at Thunder have gained approval for a clinical trial of lung cancer therapy from the FDA and we are honored to be considered to participate with them in this exciting work.

In addition to the clinical trial, Mercator will forge a continuing partnership with a true innovator in this industry. We look forward to a long and exciting partnership.

Partnership Agreement with True DNA Story

March 6, 2018

Mercator BioLogic secured a contract for exclusive support with a new Direct-to-Consumer health initiative called True DNA Story. TDS will be providing cutting edge, accurate and true DNA reports directly to consumers for over 100 disease panels. We are excited to help them penetrate this market with a product that is honestly a quantum leap ahead of any competitor.

This contract is signed and secure for at least the next 36 months.

Contract Agreement with

April 4, 2018

Some friends have started a horse health web portal and we have been selected to do the internet support. The web portal is and the backend is a joint venture between Sandid Resources, LLC and Wild J Ranch. Both are women owned, small businesses and the entire enterprise is dedicated to the health and well-being of horses of all breeds. The portal provides coefficient of inbreeding reports for registered horses, access to horse health products, and will be entering into horse genetics this summer. We are the exclusive provider of genomics and bio informatics for the enterprise. This will also be our entry point into domestic and agricultural animal genomics. Another great opportunity to learn and grow our business.

Another Technical Advance

May 16, 2018

Our technical group has completed the quality review of our alignment processes and have discovered some more improvements to the quality and accuracy of the alignments. It’s always challenging to provide quality metrics because there are so many ways to define an error. We choose the simplest approach. If it should align but didn’t, that’s an error. If it does align but there was a better location, that’s an error. Others don’t count either of these, but we do. If an input string should not align but does, that’s also an error. Others claim a bonus, we don’t. If the process identifies incorrect variants, or misses some that are actually there, those are errors. These are all cleared in our system giving us by far the most accurate alignment process available. Others admit to error rates between 1 and 3 %. By our measure they’re actually around 7 to 9 %. We were at 0.000007% before. Right now we aren’t finding any errors even by the most stringent measures.

In the process of cleaning up all the above issues the team also enhanced the alignment process so that it’s much faster than before, and much more flexible. We now have the ability to produce a complete, standard format VCF file from the alignment plus a heat map of the alignments and a record of all exact matches. These are selectable by parameters, but they come at a price in performance. We also do alignments for rNA or DNA, any species, Whole Genome Sequence (WGS), Whole Exome Sequence (WES), Transcriptome or any selected subset of the genome on the fly. This allows a researcher to align only the portion they care about in the current research project. This, in turn, allows for targeted research, saving time and scarce resources. No one else offers these capabilities and our technical development team is due a great deal of credit for the insight and ability to produce these functions.

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