About Mercator BioLogic

The Mercator BioLogic team has been gathered from diverse technical disciplines to provide the specific skills necessary to create effective, technical solutions to the problems faced in the BioInformatics business.

Our founding partners include an accomplished Molecular biologist, an Applied Mathematician, and a Data Management expert. Beyond these founding members we have added experienced geneticists, scientific researchers, systems integrators, hardware configuration experts, and others that give Mercator BioLogic advanced capabilities in the information technologies, plus in-depth knowledge of the Life Sciences.

Roger E. Arvisais CEO, Founding Partner

As a 20-year military veteran with three combat tours, Roger has first-hand experience in the importance of true leadership. He remains calm and handles pressure or stressful situations with ease. Roger provides the essential management experience with a successful corporate career in high level management positions, as well as effectively building four startup companies.

Before receiving his MBA in Information Systems from Western International University, Roger earned three bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, English Literature, and General Studies. Roger filled the role for four years of department management at OAO Corporation, a general government contract designer corporation, successfully bidding an IRS Software Redesign project.

After his time at OAO, he moved to Motorola, where he worked as a director in global management and software quality, managing an international organization with an annual budget in excess of $22 million dollars. He was also nominated to be a vice president of the semiconductor sector technology division.

Roger moved on to American Traffic Systems, where he worked as the IT director. At American Traffic Systems Roger oversaw international operations of projects totaling more than $17 million dollars in annual revenue. He then left American Traffic Systems and began several of his own startup companies. Three of the four companies started over the past 15 years are still operating successfully.

Roger has been published internationally, writing articles covering continuous quality improvement as well as international relations and business communication, focusing on internationalization of business communications.

Ilia M. Sazonov CIO, Product Architect, Founding Partner

With over 20 years of IT experience, Ilia provides essential knowledge of relational database development, systems design, and business solutions, and is a world-class software engineer. He brings essential knowledge needed to bring Mercator BioLogic’s products where they are today.

Ilia holds an advanced degree in applied mathematics from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Moscow, Russia. He has spent much of his career performing database design and development for enterprise-wide information systems, including all stages of system development life cycles. Ilia founded, and was CEO of two successful companies in Russia.

In his first company, Ilia provided consulting services in direct marketing and information systems, providing data mining, data management, and systems development services to clients. This company was self-funded and became profitable within the first year.

In his role as founder and CEO of his second startup company, Ilia saw a demand for producing highly personalized printed materials using the data his company managed. His company developed many products and product lines that were used in Russia, the United States, and Europe. His company created unique products that created a new market in Russia. This company was profitable by the third year, despite the financial crisis of 2008.

Ilia has lived and worked in Russia, Western Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. He is fluent in both Russian and English.

Darrell J. Redford Chief Operating Officer

Darrell brings 13 years of experience as a software architect, engineer, and developer and data base engineer, and 18 years of experience in management, operations, and program management. He received a Magna Cum Laude award for a neuro-anatomy tutorial written for the University of Utah, School of Medicine during his tenure at Intermountain Health Care. He created the database environment for what was the largest telemarketing firm in the world.

He was the lead developer for “The Great Folger’s Switch,” FedEx Business, Carnation, Duncan Hines, and a host of others. He was also the architect for MCI Friends and Family, arguably the most successful marketing campaign ever. His systems integrated PC networks and mainframes that managed over 5 million users across 26 different, integrated marketing campaigns.

He has managed multi-national teams across industry leading companies and has managed systems controlling billions of dollars’ worth of operations. Darrell brings a vast understanding of the business community, maintaining key relationships with people and businesses that have helped Mercator progress to where it is today.

Darrell worked with, and consulted for various companies, providing software, systems, and services that both increased productivity and profits. He was Iomega’s first Technical Evangelist, acting as a liaison with partners such as Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and Dell. In his time at Iomega he sat on three IEEE committees and chaired the USB Device Working Group, overseeing all USB specifications involving over 80 industry leading companies worldwide. He was the recipient of the USA Today/RIT Quality Cup Award.

After Iomega, he worked in senior program management and consulting roles for various companies, including Confab and Backcountry.com. At Backcountry.com he created new systems, trained and managed teams, and optimized existing process and order fulfillment processes using TQM, Six Sigma, Agile, some PMP, and ITIL. These improvements reduced restrictions which allowed the company grow from $80 million to over $300 million in less than two years.

Darrell then moved on to work as a Solutions Manager for a major non-profit. In this role, he managed international multi-department teams of contractors and employees while running multiple initiatives. Two of these saved over $120 million over a two-year period. His responsibilities included the global software systems that manage more than 30,000 properties in over 20 currencies/languages worldwide, along with billion-dollar budget systems that cover all major departments.

He is experienced in all major project management methodologies, including PMI and multiple Agile methods. He is a Certified Scrum Master and an adjunct professor at LDS Business College teaching project management and entrepreneurship.

Darrell has a BA from Weber State University in Information Systems and Technologies with an emphasis in Emerging Technologies. He founded and was CEO of two successful startup companies. He also speaks Spanish.

Steven Passey, CPA Chief Financial Officer

Steve has over 30 years of varied executive level financial experience. His current role is the Corporate Controller and Treasurer for Alsco Inc., a billion dollar privately held company, where he manages the accounting and treasury functions including the international operations. Steve played a key role in the closing of over $850 million of debt facilities.

He was CFO or a CFO consultant for multiple companies including KeyOn Communications, LANDesk, Rocky Mountain Truck & Trailer, Techniscan, and RealTrust Asset Corporation, a specialty finance company.

He was also Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer for Mrs. Fields Famous Brands.

Steve served as Director of SEC Compliance, Controller of REIT Properties for Extra Space Storage, a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust company formed to own, operate, manage, acquire, develop and redevelop professionally managed self-storage facilities.

Steve was also a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young and Chief Financial Officer for SwitchPoint Networks, a broadband and communication technology company and was also a Manager at KPMG. Steve received his B.S. in Accounting from the University of Utah and is a Certified Public Accountant. He will join Mercator full-time once funding is complete and his work is transitioned.

Additional Staff

Gary Redford Senior Business and Data Analyst, System Integrator

Gary has over 35 years experience in information technology, software development, and deployment of large-scale mission-critical financial and accounting systems. He recently worked at Charles Schwab on systems that handle cost-basis accounting and IRS 1099B tax reporting for over 14 million clients with total asset valuation approaching $2 trillion. Databases to process these systems use many large tables with billions of rows of data that reside on both mainframe DB2 and distributed Oracle environments.

Gary was a consultant to VISA as a software developer, analyst, and technical lead where he worked on projects such as Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH, and Smart Card technologies. He managed large DB2 databases holding current and historical details of daily worldwide consumer and merchant transactions and developed multi-currency processes for payments. These finance and treasury operations handled creation, authentication, and settlement of daily wire transfers valued over $400 million in over 20 of the global currencies.

At VISA (Interactive) he managed development of a new remote banking service, along with the deployment of this product to over 60 banks throughout the U.S and Canada.

Gary consulted for many agencies at the State of Utah state agencies such as Finance, Employment Security, Department of Health, Social Services, Transportation, Industrial Commission, and Public Safety. This included design and implementation of a comprehensive customized Payroll / HR / Retirement system for the Utah Board of Education which also processed all payroll functions for every school district in the State.

Gary graduated with a B.S. in Data Processing and Business, and an M.B.A. from the University of Utah.

Klint Washburn VP, Product Development

Klint Washburn was a senior engineer at Iomega Corporation designing Zip and Jazz drives. He is expert in firmware, software, electrical, and mechanical engineering. He delivered eight patents and various breakthrough designs in performance, cost reduction, and quality. This included motor control, PCB/PCA development, IR communication and detection, firmware development, product test and prototyping methods, operating systems, FPGA design, user interface, software and driver testing, database systems, problem resolution, and more.

He played a key role in Iomega’s success. As a director to the corporate transformation team, he helped grow Iomega from $150 million to $2 billion in revenue in a few years. Klint continued his design and development directing R&D for Spectra Symbol, and launching several innovative startups including statistical software (QuikSigma®). He also created theater digital marketing technology (powerTriptm), gold separation technology (Gold Claw), and has done business management consulting (Promontory Management Group) for many years.

Klint brings over 20 years of experience in Lean, TOC, and Six Sigma methodologies resulting in over $114 million in savings. He has served small to Fortune 500 organizations in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, nuclear, Oil and Gas, chemical, mining, household goods, pharmaceutical, medical, food, packaging, and government. He is a leader at deploying Lean and Six Sigma in transactional and technical environments.

Klint directed and/or deployed best practices including Six Sigma and Lean transformation programs, manufacturing processes and systems, quality systems, supplier management, implemented experiments, conducted 5s and kaizen transformation events, work cell and Lean culture, strategic alignment, KPIs and management systems, integrated existing systems, and trained employees to be problem solving experts.

Professional Experience:

Leadership in Manufacturing Process

People Development and Engagement

Lean and Six Sigma DMAIC / DFSS Deployment

KPI Development, Vision Setting, Planning, and Policy Deployment

Departmental Integration

Project Management

Experimentation, Stabilization, Root Cause Analysis, Problem Resolution

Machine / Product Design, Research and Development

Manufacturing Equipment Development and Design, Process Engineering

Supply Chain Development, Supplier Quality Management, Quality Systems

Scientific Advisors

Edward Arvisais, PhD, Science Advisor

Edward has over 2 decade’s experience in molecular biology research, a substantial portion of which he has worked to determine the genetic lesions and changes in gene product function that underlie cancer.

Over the last decade, Edward has assisted in the initiation of several startup companies that address challenges in the DNA sequencing and genetic analysis software segments. He presently is working to reconcile functional observations of tumor derived cells with identifiable genetic lesions. Edward is located in Seattle, Washington and is well integrated into Seattle’s innovative biotechnology landscape and is often called upon for diligence on biotech opportunities by institutional and individual investors. He is currently exploring the areas of computational biology and chemistry for the development of pharmaceuticals in silico.

Edward completed his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he studied the detailed function of gene products during varied disease states. Later he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in nanomedicine at the University of Nebraska Hospital. He later received his MBA, also from the University of Nebraska.

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Alexandre Iarkov, PhD, Science Advisor

Alexandre holds a doctorate in Neurophysiology from Lomonosov University in Moscow, Russia. Since then he has had over 20 years of experience in neuroscience research and teaching.

Alexandre completed his post-doctoral fellowship in Russia, and continued to work on research in Mexico and the United States. His main areas of research are therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and memory improvement. He is also proficient in numerous surgical techniques and animal behavior analysis.

Some of Alexandre’s recent publications are available below:

Patrycja Vasilyev Missiuro, PhD, Science Advisor

Academic background:

PhD in Computational Biology, Genomics, Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD Thesis: Predicting Genetic Interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans using Machine Learning.

• Applied statistics and machine learning algorithms such as Bayesian sets, Collaborative Filtering, and SVM to biological high-throughput data in order to infer missing data and predict genetic interactions. Designed new network metric that links protein networks with phenotypic properties of genes. Thesis advisors: Dr. Hui Ge (Whitehead Institute) and Prof. Tommi Jaakkola (MIT Computer Science AI Lab/CSAIL).

• Took courses in areas of machine learning, statistics, computational and systems biology, computational genomics, protein folding, cell biology, control systems, system modeling, discrete signal processing, numerical analysis, and User Interface design.

• PhD in the lab of Dr. Hui Ge at the Whitehead Institute, coadvised by Prof. Tommi Jaakkola at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Industry experience:

Principal Product Manager for Precision Medicine/Translational Research products at Oracle for over 7 years.

Relevant Skills:

• Management experience developing Healthcare and Life Sciences software products.

• Maintaining and managing requirements for both long and short term product roadmaps, for multiple products at a time, with compatibility and fast delivery in mind.

• Hands on experience with clinical and genomic data.

• Proven talent and love for both learning new subjects and skills and teaching others.

• Startup company experience.

• Extensive wireframing and User Interface (UX) design experience.

• Writing Business Requirement Documents, Functional Requirement Documents, Test Requirement Documents, Performance Requirement Documents, Documentation.

• Intimate experience in SDLC, software engineering background and experience.

• Understanding of Regulatory requirements for both health and life sciences data.

• Experience in analysis and application of computer science, machine learning, and statistical algorithms in data analysis, particularly biological high-throughput data, robotic path planning and network algorithms, control systems, feedback control.

• Experience with relational database backed applications for web.

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