Mercator Biologic’s Breakthrough

Mercator’s patent-pending software technology presents robust enhancements across the alignment process, delivering dramatically increased speed, greater accuracy and absolute precision. Raising the bar in the field of alignment, Mercator’s breakthrough algorithm can run a DNA sample hundreds of times and get the exact same result every time.


All modern devices

We are compatible with all modern devices such as HiSec, MiSeq, NextSeq 500 and BGIGen as well as emerging technologies providing long reads.

Emerging sequencing technologies

We handle DNA data strings of any length. We have the only software available that can handle all the DNA data currently available, while being ready for any future enhancements. Including very long reads of up to 100,000 bases and epigenetic molecule reads.

Full genome

We process the full genome and offer 100% of the available DNA data along with a complete global VCF file output. Our breadth and flexibility offer researchers the ability to analyze a single gene, a gene panel, custom gene panels, RNAseq, proteins, the exome, or full genome.

All DNA Types

Mercator can process human, animal, plant, microbe, bacteria and virus DNA and then compare against any and all of them to find patterns and anomalies among all the DNA.

We facilitate scientific advances across medical, drug, and CLIA research laboratories

Mercator Biologic aligns, assembles and provides full analytics on any DNA, providing statistics, analytics and comparisons expected by the market, including:

All genes, enzymes and proteins (immediately available for reporting)
Advanced analytic modules with statistical comparisons of assembled genome compared to selected reference genomes, including InDels, Inserts, Deletes, mutations, SNPs, etc.

Our patent-pending technology results in

Profound increases in Speed

Alignment, assembly and full analytics on the entire human genome in under a half hour, including global Variant Call File.

Significantly improved Accuracy

Consistent accuracy with any length read strings. Including very long reads with evolving nanopore sequencing technologies.

Absolute Precision

Accurate, reproducible results, every time

Affordable, customizable alignment

Your data is always secure

Our alignment hardware, dubbed the Peregrine, works in conjunction with our OPUS Alignment software, which is easily and quickly configured to your needs providing you with a secure and scalable server environment.

No technical knowledge required

Very little training is needed – and users will never need to babysit the process.  We configure the pipeline to your specifications and all modifications are made by our staff at your request and to your specification.

Dramatic cost savings

Mercator’s phenomenal increase in alignment speed liberates researchers from the long and costly wait times currently hampering the process.

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